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Bnay Intricate Transit System

The Bnay Intricate Transit System (BITS) is the exclusive transit authority of Bnayland. BITS provides rail service to all major cities and points of interest in Nefeli, Andare, Run, and Samba. There is currently no charge to ride BITS.

BITS riders are expected to read and understand the rules before riding and to follow them at all times. Violations may result in being banned from BITS property or the entire server.

To ride BITS, enter the loading area for your desired destination, then place a minecart on the detector rail or unpowered rail, depending on the station, and move forward two blocks. Powered rails will power your minecart at full speed until you reach your destination. Minecarts are to be driven on the right.


La Linea Scura Circulator Opens for Business

April 19, 2015

We're extremely excited to announce La Linea Scura, the brand-new way to get around downtown Nefeli. With a central hub on the lower level of Lady Labyrinth Transit Centre, La Linea Scura currently has two other stops at the Legislative Corridor and the lava hot tub thing just north of LLTC. More stops will be added as downtown Nefeli expands.

La Linea Scura is open immediately. See the Lady Labyrinth Transit Centre platform listing for an up-to-date list of stops.

Project Tangerine

November 5, 2013

We're pleased to announce Project Tangerine, a system-wide effort to enhance BITS passengers' experience and to increase the system's scalability and maintainability. Project Tangerine consists of various improvements to the BITS train tracks and stations, as well as some general improvements. Visit the project's home page for more information.

What We've Been Wasting Your Tax Dollars On

February 21, 2013

We've been hard at work wasting your tax dollars to make your BITS experience marginally better. First, we've rebuilt all of our old rail lines (leading to Nefeli Tower, Lontano Station, and Samba Station) to use our new and more efficient design using alternating detector and powered rails supported with stone brick slabs. We've also added stations in Sarabande, Rose, and Monday, begun planning for SpeedBoost, and given our executives some nice, beefy bonuses! We hope you appreciate all the hard work we've put into making your BITS rides the best experience possible!


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