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Bnayland Stronghold Authority

The Bnayland Stronghold Authority (BALSA) operates all strongholds in Bnayland. It is headquartered at the Sarabande Stronghold in Sarabande, Nefeli.


Tickets for all strongholds are $30 for adults, and $10 for children. Tickets are sold at each individual stronghold and are only valid for one visit to one stronghold. All visitors are subject to search. Prohibited items include weapons, TNT, mob spawners, hostile mob eggs, and monster bricks.

Only players are allowed to enter strongholds. No villagers, pets (except service animals), or other mobs of any kind are allowed.


All strongholds are open 24/7. Each stronghold has a Starbucks in the front lobby.


No strongholds have been discovered in Andare yet.


  • Sarabande
    The main stronghold of Nefeli and BALSA headquarters. Also has a gift shoppe.
  • Indaco
    A newly discovered stronghold which is not yet open to the public.


No strongholds have been discovered in Bnay yet.


No strongholds have been discovered in Samba yet.


No strongholds have been discovered in Run yet.

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