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2.0 Server

The CraftBnay 2.0 server runs the blue edition of the April Fools 2013 Minecraft 2.0 release. This is a vanilla server, and as such, it has no plugins.

The 2.0 server's address is

The name of the 2.0 world is Stoppit.

2.0 Launcher

For convenience purposes, we have created a launcher for Minecraft 2.0.

To use it:

  1. Download the launcher at (This ZIP file comes with the JAR files for all three editions of Minecraft 2.0, as they are no longer available through official channels.)
  2. Extract the ZIP file, but make sure to keep everything inside the minecraft-2point0 folder that comes in the ZIP file. You can place that folder anywhere.
  3. The default edition is the blue edition. If you want to use the red or purple editions, edit defaults.txt accordingly.
  4. Run the launcher:
    1. If you are on Linux or Mac OS X, run minecraft-2point0. (This is a Python script.) The file should already be executable; if not, make it so.
    2. If you are on Windows, run minecraft-2point0.exe, ignoring any anti-virus warnings. This is the same thing as the minecraft-2point0 Python script, but compiled as a self-contained EXE using PyInstaller. You do not need Python installed to run the EXE.
  5. Log in to the game using your normal Minecraft credentials.
  6. If this is your first time running the launcher, or if you otherwise find yourself in a version other than 2.0, then close the game and re-open the launcher. The launcher copies the appropriate JAR file to minecraft2point0/data/.minecraft/bin each time you run it, but when the game updates (or downloads the libraries on first run), the update process overrides it with a non-2.0 minecraft.jar file.

This launcher will use minecraft-2point0/data/.minecraft as the path for the .minecraft folder.

Note: the launcher.jar file used by this launcher has been modified to allow for overriding the .minecraft path on Windows. It also sets the WM_CLASS X11 hint in order to allow for better integration with some Linux desktop environments. (To do this with the 1.6 launcher, see this or wait for Mojang to update to LWJGL 2.9.1 and implement -DLWJGL_WM_CLASS on their end.) (With this 2.0 launcher, you can override the WM_CLASS value by setting the environment variable LWJGL_WM_CLASS.) Other than these minor changes, it is the same thing as the pre-1.6 launcher.

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