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The Planets, the central hub of CraftBnay.

CraftBnay® is a fun and exciting Minceraft server run by this person. It is currently invite-only, but you can learn more about it here.

Note: In some places, CraftBnay will be referred to as Bnayland. In general, Bnayland refers to the server as it is experienced in-game, and CraftBnay refers to the server out-of-game.



All worlds are creative worlds in peaceful mode unless otherwise noted.

To move between worlds you can either:

  • Use /planets or /hub to teleport to The Planets, and use the portals there;
  • Use anchors to teleport to a specific destination within a world; or
  • Use the Multiverse teleport command: /mvtp <world-name> (case sensitive; remove any leading articles from the world name).




Real-world businesses listed here do not actually have an official presence on CraftBnay unless otherwise noted.


Currently, only people I explicitly invite are allowed on the server. This is enforced via a whitelist, and the server is running in online mode. Wiki access is only available to server members, and accounts are created on request.

For those who already have access, the address to log in is This server uses SRV records to redirect the Minecraft client to the actual location of the server ( (The port number is chosen so that the first four digits are the E.161 representation of the word “Bnay”, and the last two digits are the short form of 1992, the year in which she was born.)

The server is accessible over both IPv6 and IPv4.

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